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Author: Sottotono
Number of doors
2489 mm 98 in
Track: Front
1410 mm 55.5 in
Track: Rear
1410 mm 55.5 in
4440 mm 174.8 in
1765 mm 69.5 in
1194 mm 47 in
Length:wheelbase ratio
Kerb weight
1450 kg 3197 lb
Weight distribution(Front)
48.00 %
101.60 mm
5.4 litre5354 cc(326.721 cu in)
Compression ratio
Fuel system
1 Ca carb
Maximum power(SAE)
304.2 PS (300.0 bhp) (223.7 kW)@ 5000 rpm
Specific output
56 bhp/litre0.92 bhp/cu in
Maximum torque(SAE)
488.0 Nm (360 ft?�·lb) (49.8 kgm)@ 3200 rpm
1145.4 kPa (166.1 psi)
Specific torque
91.15 Nm/litre
Main bearings
Bore/stroke ratio
Unitary capacity
669.25 cc/cylinder
Compressor type
Catalytic converter
0-50 mph (80 km/h)
6.00 s
0-60 mph
7.00 s
Top speed
230 km/h (143 mph)
206.9 bhp/ton
Engine location
Engine alignment
front I.W.CS.ARB.
Brakes F/R
Top gear ratio
Final drive ratio
RAC rating
“bubblecars” of the Fifties and the mighty Iso Grifo of the Sixties, but it’s there. Renzo Rivolta, founder and head of Iso S.p.A. of Bresso, near Milan, was responsible for both.
The Iso Grifo is an Italian automobile produced by Iso Automobile from 1963-1974.
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The Iso Grifo was an Italian automobile produced by Iso Rivolta between 1963 and 1974.
This “street” Iso Grifo GL received the fast, modified but very dependable Chevrolet Corvette’s 327 V-8 (5.
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Iso Grifo is my other favorite by far. Iso's are fascinating cars from several standpoints. First, they are usually quite reasonably priced, yet they offer tremendous value.
Occupying a unique place among Italian GT`s, the Iso Grifo truly has ingredients for greatness.
The Iso Grifo A3L was a monstrous idea for a super coupé, the L coming from Lusso.
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do a story on an Iso Grifo with a big block in it,” Schorr said. “So I went out to this guy’s house, and he had a silver Grifo.
The Iso Grifo AC3/C and Bizzarrini 5300 GT were very much the same product. When Bizzarrini took over full production, he had all the bodies assembled by Carrozzeria BBM instead of Drogo.
Iso Grifos were powered by American V8s that were more at home in Corvettes than in Italian-built grand tourers.
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Iso Grifo Can Am 7.7 ltr. 1972. SOLD. Information: Fast Past http://db1.hkmd.com:8000/WCAT=VOL&WREQ+SEARCH 4.
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Iso Grifo GL 365 For Sale (1968) Iso Grifo GL 365 For Sale (1968) 5 speed ZF-gear box, power assisted steering, 5.4 ltr. engine, approx.
Iso Grifo at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance by/2.
In October 1963 Bertone showed the new Iso Grifo A3/L on his stand and Iso had the race version, the Grifo A3/C, on theirs. The A3/L was built by Bertone and Iso as a showstopper.
magazine, was offered an Iso Grifo to drive for a story. "It had a 427 in place of the standard engine. I could not believe how fast this thing was-and how well mannered.
Sat in a 1970 Iso Grifo in 1980. It had a Corvette 327 ci engine. The car was for sale at $10,000.
2006 Golden Wonder Iso Grifo IR8 - The result of 30 years dedicated to restoring a 1970s supercar This feature appears in Auto Italia - Issue 124 "Not
Owning a 1967 Iso Grifo since new, I took great pride in working with Piero and seeing his and Dallara’s and Gandini’s sketches and engineering drawings morph into a gracefully-sculptured 1:1 scale
Iso Grifo A3L : 1963 412 were produced.
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of the past: Iso Grifo of ...
In 1963 he designed the Iso Grifo A3/L L for Lusso or luxury for Renzo Rivolta, who was looking for a follow-up to his Iso Rivolta GT.
Sat in a 1970 Iso Grifo in 1980. It had a Corvette 327 ci engine. The car was for sale at $10,000.
ISO Grifo GL 365 Coupe 1968 for sale ISO Grifo GL 365 Coupe 1968 DE
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When you need ISO Grifo for your car or truck, you want them fast and simple.
with a shorter wheelbase-was the achingly beautiful Iso Grifo, which went into production in 1965.